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  Kevin Stonerock: Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, harmonica, mandolin

Gabriel Stonerock: Drums, percussion, organ, electric guitar

Ed (Pee Wee Charles) Ringwald: Pedal steel guitar, dobro

Gregg Hall: Electric guitar

Paul Patterson: Fiddle, banjo

Track List:

1. Long Way Down

2. Indian Man

3. It's The Little Things

4. Moontown Road

5. Whisper of Blue

6. Those Days

7. Lullaby

8. Long Gone Memory

9. You Don't Have To Be So Honest

10. 1863

11. I Miss The Old Bel Air












Merchandise - Albums By Kevin Stonerock

Land of a Thousand Smiles (Two Moon Records, 2007)
Available as download on  iTunes, CDBaby.
CD Version - $15

Track Listing:

As Long As I Keep Moving

Land of A Thousand Smiles

Kids From the 60's

I Wonder What She's Doing Right Now

Moonlight Ride

Slipping Away

Out On The Beach

It Just Is

Working Class Guitar

You Could Convince Me

I Would Have Been There

Two Bit Rush

Day Before Tomorrow








Stranger in This Town (Two Moon Records, 2001)
Available as download on iTunes, CDBaby, eMusic.
CD Version - $15

Track Listing:

Thornburg Street

Ain't The Stars For Everyone

Brand New Day

Stranger In This Town

Dreaming Again

Blue Collar Town

You Don't Have To Earn My Love

It's Up To You

The Tree

Farewell Waltz (Sailor's Lament)

I Don't Love You That Much

Don't Lie To Me

I Can't Remember Why




Home Stretch (Two Moon Records, 1994)
CD Version (ships in polysleeve with cover art/liner notes insert. No jewel case) - $13

Track Listing:

She's Too Pretty

Back Forty

Kings of the Westerns

Moontown Road

On The Wings of My Victory

Thinking of You

Small Town Rock and Roll

Wild Roses

Back To Kentucky

Without You

Cheap Conversation



Day Before Tomorrow (700 West, 1978)
CD Version - $13

Track Listing:

Day Before Tomorrow


Morning Song

Nothing Behind It

Two Candles

You Were Made To Smile

Days of Yore

Down The Pike Again


Arizona Love